About Dadi Hirdaya Mohini (Dadi Gulzar)

“Budget your time in the morning. Audit your time in the evening.: Life is a process of continuous learning. Problems teach us valuable lessons and make us progress. But often people blame others and try to change their job, house, partner or situations that they hold responsible for their misery. It is like running away from one examination hall to another, because if we fail to learn the lessons of life at a particular place or time, we will have to face the same tests again till we have learnt a positive lesson. When we face life with courage, humility and a positive attitude, we learn to change every challenge into an opportunity for success.
Purity, September 2004

Dadi Gulzar's Special Qualities

When she was only 16, Brahma Baba asked her to leave the headquarters and open a meditation centre in Lucknow. A combination of innocence, courage and humour characterise her story of travelling through India as a young girl, protected only by the conviction that God was guiding her life. That conviction has formed a personality of complete clarity and openness – she does not have the masks and defence mechanisms that most of us carry.

Dadi Gulzar’s Visions

Dadi Gulzar has a deep belief in human potential for the creation of a better world. From an early age she had divine visions of a future world where technology, together with social, economic and political structures, are in alignment with highest human values, and where harmony, peace and prosperity prevail. Her belief that this is the future of humanity has taken her to every continent of the world, where she speaks on the practical applications of meditation and spiritual values in everyday life. Dadi Gulzar is the Director of Brahma Kumaris centres in Delhi and Kashmir.

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