Irresistible Leadership

resistible leadership comes from the belief that we can do something about our situation and improve our own lives. It is also taking responsibility for our own actions."

Marides Fernando, now mayor of Marikina for six years, says her leadership is anchored on the belief that people can choose to do something about their situation and take action to improve their own lives.

As a leader, she presents a vision to the people, gives them direction and sets them an example. She also tries to improve the character of the people, empowering them so that they become responsible for their own actions. When people perform their tasks and play their roles with the best possible effort, they themselves serve as inspiration.

"Everyday, I learn something new. The amount of character development and transformation in Marikina is the result of many years (only six, actually, but it seems so much more than that) of interacting with people and really getting to know them. What inspires me is the ability to make a difference in the lives of people. When you see people change, it gives you this feeling, this big thrill and satisfaction. That by itself is priceless."

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