Global Executive Retreat

Summary report – July 2007

Global Executive Retreat – a unique blend of spiritual and corporate wisdom.

"A rare opportunity to hit the pause button… observe and reflect on your life's impact…experience meditation and take time out…Amidst a peer group of senior executives, this residential weekend retreat offers a unique opportunity to unwind, discover the spiritual undercurrents influencing your choices and determine what's most important in your life…"

Approximately 35 participants from 18 countries - a select group of influential and senior executives within the business world – attended the second Global Executive Retreat at the Global Retreat Centre, Oxford, from 13 – 16 July, 2007. Hosted by Dadi Janki, Brian Bacon and Sr Jayanti, the retreat provided participants with an opportunity to take time out, learn how to meditate and deepen spiritual understanding as a basis of effective leadership.

Plenary sessions conducted by Br Brian, provided insights and reflective exercises into the role of spirituality and meditation in personal and professional life. Sessions entitled "Learning to read the signs – being the Detached Observer and "The Harmonic Triangle – Connecting, Giving and Receiving" allowed participants to deeply reflect upon their personal journey. This paved the way for Dadi Janki to inject the spiritual understanding needed to unblock one's energies, develop good character and move forward in life. Sessions with Dadi included 'A Still Mind' and 'Connecting with the Divine'.

Sr Jayanti offered the clarity and crucial bridge from spiritual understanding to practice in sessions entitled "Understanding the inner conversations" and "Harmony in relationships". Interwoven throughout the retreat, participants had the opportunity to process, dialogue and experience meditation in small groups led by an experienced BK 'meditation guide'.

Significant highlights of the retreat were the 'Global Café' session, an evening of informal conversation where participants were invited to share in (rotating) small groups over hot chocolate and cream; and a special dinner and cabaret style entertainment which generated lots of fun and a sense of belonging to a wider family.

The humility and honesty of participants during the feedback sessions created a deeply moving and appreciative atmosphere leaving everyone with a renewed sense of purpose, refreshed and inspired.

Some of the statements…

"Coming here 15 yrs after I went to Mt Abu – I am conscious that I have a new direction and path to follow. This has given me ideas of what that path should be…in partnership with the Divine. I am associated with a great number of networks and we can realise that we all want the same thing and come together to make a big difference" – Napier Collyns – Co-founder and Managing Director, Global Business Network

"The description of the harmonic triangle has brought me to a major realisation about my relationship with God. It brought me to a major realisation that I was doing deals with God…serious commerce. I was making deals with God that I'll be a good person so long as you give me what I want. Even goodness with God can be a deal.

By asking myself the question: Who am I? I have realised what kind of relationship and connectivity I deserve as a soul. That's my commitment to myself…to be the soul. What you are talking about as a responsibility is actually a commitment, not a responsibility but a commitment to who am I and what is my purpose. My purpose is to bring out potential in people and to make a commitment to myself, being a soul in the process. I realised what was missing because, I didn't think that my soul deserved that? Now through this experience, I have connected again with the soul, myself."

Emilia Mosseri, Founder and Partner, Leading Edge Technologies (L.E.T), Dubai, UAE:

"Whilst being here, parts of my own spiritual practice have been highlighted.

What I take from the Brahma Kumaris is a sense of intention and commitment and a sense of humour. For me the, sense of humour is the most important…it is the sign of an ability to hold something deeply and lightly…at the same time. The Brahma Kumaris hold a big mind and big intention. What is exciting to me about the BK's is the global reach that you have. There is a kind of flexibility that you have in engaging communities around you in many different ways. You have an incredible potential in your organisation, intention and humour in how to actually to be a real key part in helping this world make the transition it needs to make. Thanks for your generosity – and making it good fun to be here." Michael Chender, President, Coemergence; Chairman, Shambala Institute for Authentic Leadership, Nova Scotia, Canada

"I come from Venezuela and I ask myself, how much time will our managers keep wanting to see us growing and growing. The key now is harmony and stability not growth. This world needs leaders, not more managers, those who are willing to focus on developing potential…

We depend on internal equilibrium and external stability. Meditation has been very valuable towards that internal equilibrium and to access the highest consciousness. Then nature evolves from there. …harmony is naturally created. This is the gift that you as a wonderful organisation and the people bring…We can do this." Adolfo Jarran – President, Creating C.A, Venezuela

Om Shanti.

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