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“Self-empowerment and Value-based Leadership”

(Talk of Sr. Meera Nagananda on 25 July 2008 at the Royal Mandaya Hotel, Davao City, Philippines)

Om shanti. Can we all say together from our hearts “om shanti”.

A very good morning and greetings of peace to all of you. This morning, I am very thrilled to share with you the wisdom and knowledge I have been learning for the past 30 years of my involvement with the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University which was established in the year 1936, which has been existing in the whole world for the past 72 years. And I have been connected with the university for the past 40 years and like all others, I have also learned many aspects of life and living.

This morning, I have been asked to talk about the topic “Self-empowerment and Value-based Leadership”. As many of the previous speakers mentioned, we all agree that we are living at present in the most difficult situation in the world and everything is going into its extreme. We don’t need to describe it. And we are all looking forward to have some kind of leadership that would help us - to guide people in the right direction. What I have found is that in the past decade, there has been an explosion in the publication of literature on the subject of leadership.
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