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07 July 4-6PM Breaking Free From Old Habits

Why do we keep repeating actions even if they are detrimental to our well-being? Habits. Understanding how habits develop will help us unlearn them. With the practice of meditation, we go further and discover how we can transform old habits into something that is beneficial and positive.

14 July 4-6PM
Nurturing Self-Esteem

What you honestly and truly think of yourself is more important than others think about you. remind yourself how God sees your potentials, your qualities and your specialities.

15 July 5:30-6:30PM
World Meditation Hour 60 Minutes for Peace

Sit one with the world, the family of human souls, sending out waves of good wishes and pure feelings. Watch what wonders emerge within you as you listen to guided commentaries accompanied by quiet, uplifting music.

21 July 4-6PM
Enjoying Parenting

Parent-child relationship is one of the most challenging experiences that bring out the spirit of love and giving. But what we give can only come from what we have. By knowing and loving themselves more, parent will know and love their children more.

28 July 4-6PM
Vegetarian Cooking Demo

Become healthy, wealthy and wise. Discover the benefits of vegetarianism and learn the simple art of cooking delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals.

Brahma Kumais Inner Space Meditation Center
Sta. Ana cor. Sobrecarey St., Davao City
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