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02 DEC WED 5.15 - 6.30 PM

Ever wondered about some of life's paradoxes? For instance, if you want to feel comfortable, you have to let go of some comforts. Thinking too much about comfort makes you attached to it... Makes you fear you may lose it... What a joy to know that true comfort, true contentment, is a state of being that is created inside, not outside.

one with the world

09 DEC WED 5.15 - 6.30 PM

In the most spectacular, and in the most ancient of epics, the wise, old sages proclaim: "When all the great warriors are burning in the fire of love then the old world will be transformed." Consider that the energy of humanity when harnessed together as one will be brighter than the power of a thousand suns. Start experimenting with that wonder yourself. Sit in the stillness of your soul power.

a life of time is a lifetime

16 DEC WED 5.15 - 6.30 PM

Life coach and author Mike George says: " The clock on the wall is not time, it is simply a way of symbolizing the human experience. It is not our master, it is our creation... Time is life and you are life. When you spend time, you spend yourself. So be careful how you spend yourself. Don't let anyone else spend your life..."

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Time for Cool Change

Chill out! Come close, sit down with yourself and have a look, a look with love inside... Take time, make space in the middle of the day to turn your belief in the Ocean of Coolness into an experience.

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