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inside out
06 MAR SAT 4 - 6 pm
Start with the understanding that your first purpose in this life is to realize and emerge the dignity of your divinity. Then, let that experience be the driving force behind whatever else you do.

the face of honesty
13 MAR SAT 4 - 6 pm
Honesty is not just doing what seems to be natural. It also means re-emerging the true, the good, the beautiful in you... Hold up a mirror to your face. What do you see? Whose eyes are looking back at you? The image in the mirror of your heart is just as honest and true as the face in the mirror. There's no denying this.

healthy mind, healthy body
20 MAR SAT 4 - 6 pm
Research shows that negative emotions suppress immune function. Constant stress depletes the body's resources, ability to adapt, coping functions are compromised and finally person gets ill. A healthy mind diminishes the tension hormones and conserve our mental state.

seriously, laughter works!
27 MAR SAT 4 - 6 pm
Get tickled with something new! Grow, and glow, as we share with you the why's and wherefore's of the wide, wonderful world of laughter... Check out the facts: how you can be healthy, wealthy and wise just by taking everything in your life with a huge dose of laughter!

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