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inside out
03 MAR WED 5.15 - 6.30 pm
Start with the understanding that your first purpose in this life is to realize and emerge the dignity of your divinity. Then, let that experience be the driving force behind whatever else you do.

the man in the mirror
10 MAR WED 5.15 - 6.30 pm
Loosen up! when was the last time you had a conversation with yourself? Just as you tick off the day that lies in wait ahead, take the most important step towards your journey and that is to wear a smile. Put on a happy face! Then watch how time seems to fly by as you enjoy your encounter with people, marking each and every accomplishment you set to do.

right between the eye
17 MAR WED 5.15 - 6.30 pm
Somewhere in the middle of the forehead, between the eyes, throbs the essence of human life--the soul! make time to focus on this immortal presence, this radiant energy... and experience the seat of ecstasy in the body--which you've always thought was the exclusive experience of sages, seers and saints.

raja yoga: a meditation experience
19 MAR FRI 5.15 - 6.30 pm
Explore and experience for yourself the ancient philosophies and practical applications of Raja Yoga Meditation.

world meditation hour
healthy mind, healthy body
21 MAR SUN 4-5 pm
Research shows that negative emotions suppress immune function. Constant stress depletes the body's resources, ability to adapt, coping functions are compromised and finally person gets ill. A healthy mind diminishes the tension hormones and conserve our mental state.

the summer garden
24 MAR WED 5.15 - 6.30 pm
Just as a good gardener is able to distinguish and discriminate the quality of each seed, tolerance takes into consideration the unique specialities of each individual. Spiritual relationships blossom and bear fruit only when the heart is open and the mind is inclusive.

the law of equilibrium
31 MAR WED 5.15 - 6.30 pm
Becoming spiritual isn't simply a matter of learning techniques, chanting, or performing rituals. spiritual growth takes into account the law of balance or equilibrium--whereby we gain fresh perspectives, remain grounded, and caution against going into extremes.

Refresh@12: Time for Cool Change


Chill Out! Take time out in the middle of the day to create a space for the Ocean of Coolness to flow within.

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